It is highly recommended to keep up with the maintenance on your pool cover system. Preventive maintenance is the best solution for a smooth running system. It is a working mechanism in a humid trench for most of the year, and it will need to be serviced at least once a year for outdoor pools and possibly twice a year for indoor pools. We are approaching the spring season, and this is the time to consider having an annual maintenance done to your automatic pool cover. We offer several different services to help keep your cover system running great throughout the rest of the year, and we service all brands of cover systems. Your cover system is an expensive investment. Protect yourself from costly break downs’ and unforeseen problems by purchasing an annual maintenance. We have an inspection and maintenance package to fit your needs. We require that the pool water is up to its proper level, and the winter cover should be removed prior to our visit. Call for an appointment today.

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Annual Maintenances for your Automatic Pool Cover

Additional zone charges may apply to distant travels. The most common services have a star next to them.


*** Basic System Maintenance # 1 Includes: $250.00

Flushing out the tracks on both sides to rid the guides of any debris, Lubricating the moving parts, Inspect the sliders, pulleys, and cover guides for wear. (Replacement parts are additional cost.) Make any rope, skew, and clutch adjustments needed to better cover operation,Top off any hydraulic fluid if needed


B.S.M # 1 with replacement parts includes: $525

This service includes everything that the Basic System Maintenance # 1 offers, and includes replacing the sliders, replacing the guide feeds, and replacing all of the pulleys. It is very important to make sure that these components are in good shape. A bad set of guide feeds can cause the cover to tear. A bad set of sliders can break and tear a vinyl liner, or scratch plaster. A bad set of pulleys can cause undue strain on your motor and ropes. It is important to remember that we will be inspecting all of these parts while we are there regardless of what maintenance you choose to go with. You can always upgrade or downgrade your service plan if needed.


*** Basic System Maintenance # 2 includes: $360.00

Basic maintenance # 2 includes everything that # 1 offers and includes an under guide cover box cleaning. If your pool cover is in a trench at the end of the pool, it is a good idea to have that trench cleaned out once a year. Leaves and debris can get in there and clog the drain, which can impede the cover operation, and also drag debris into your pool. We do not snake out clogged drains, but we do clean out the trench front to back and flush it out with water. If you have a clogged drain issue, we will find out and inform you about it. Clogged drains can hurt the cover system, and void warranties. Replacement parts are not included in this cost.


B.S.M # 2 with replacement parts includes: $660.00

This service includes everything that the B.S.M # 2 offers and includes replacing the pulleys on the entire system, replacing the sliders, and replacing the guide feeds. These parts are wear items and they will need to be replaced occasionally. A bad set of sliders can break and tear your vinyl liner in your pool, or even tear your cover. A bad set of guide feeds can cause your cover to tear, and a bad set of pulleys can cause undue strain on your motor, or even break your ropes.


*** Complete System Maintenance Includes: $575.00

Complete system maintenance is everything that the basic # 1 and 2 have to offer and includes scrubbing the cover with an approved cleaner, and then power washing it. This service is a good idea if you live in the woods or around a lot of trees. Leaves are very acidic and can stain the cover. It is also a good idea to invest in this service if you have a salt water pool. Salt is very corrosive and can do damage to your expensive auto cover if not serviced properly. Fresh water and a good scrubbing can prolong the proper function of a pool cover system. If your pool does not get a lot of sun, you will probably notice that your cover will start to smell bad, or start to grow algae on the top of it. Power washing the cover will not make the cover last longer, but it will make it look and smell better. Parts are an additional cost if needed.


Deluxe System Maintenance includes: $860.00

The deluxe system maintenance package includes everything that the Complete System Maintenance offers and it will include replacing both sliders, replace both guide feeds, and replace all of the pulleys on your cover system. This service offers everything that you could possibly need to get your cover system running like it did when it was new. This service is a $1,000.00 value.


Hydralux Cleaning Package includes: $660.00

The manufacturer recommends that you have your Hydralux cover professionally cleaned 2 to 3 times a year to ensure proper function. We will scrub the slats with a soft bristled brush, and then pressure wash the entire cover to eliminate debris in between the slats. The slats can accumulate debris and algae that can impede the way that the cover expands and contracts. This cleaning will eliminate this problem. We will also fine tune the mechanism while we are there to make it close and open fully. Parts are an additional cost if needed.